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SMOSREX data set

Reference paper for SMOSREX is :

De Rosnay P., Calvet J.,-C., Kerr Y., Wigneron J.-P., Lemaître F., Escorihuela M.J., Munoz-Sabater J., Saleh K., Barrié J., Bouhours G., Coret L., Cherel G., Dedieu G., Durbe R., Fritz N.E.D., Froissard F., Hoedjes J., Kruszewski A., Lavenu F., Suquia D., Waldteufel P. (2006) : SMOSREX: A long term field campaign experiment for soil moisture and land surface processes remote sensing, Remote Sens. Env., Vol. 102, No 3-4, pp 377-389.

The files contain measurements taken every 30 min over the fallow part of the SMOSREX site (43°23 N, 1°17E at 188 m altitude) during the 2005-2007 period

The chosen convention for DOY (Day of Year) is to start at 1.0 on January 1st at 0:00

Atmospheric measurements are taken at 2m above ground

Soil parameters :

  • Soil root depth : 95 cm
  • Sand fraction : 32 %
  • Clay fraction : 22.8 %
  • Field capacity : 0.30 m3/m3
  • Permanent wilting point : 0.17 m3/m3

Vegetation parameters : veg = 1-exp(-0.6 LAI)


SMOSREX forcing and validation data
Published on 18 August 2009
by JFM