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Verification Working Days, Bruxelles, 27-29 March, 2012
Article published on 19 July 2012
last modification on 30 January 2015

by Patricia

A verification meeting took place in Bruxelles on 27-29 March, 2012.


A. Deckmyn (Be), N. Pristov (Si), J. Rio (Pt), P. Termonia (Be), C. Zingerle (Au), M. Turkmen (Tk)


One of the five short-term ALADIN actions concerns the issue to launch an effort to “define†our users and to coordinate a project on addressing the user requirements.
This is related to the problem of the verification of our models and in reality can be split in three
complementary tasks:

  • identification of verification scores and procedures that are specifically aimed at user needs,
  • the (further) development of the verification methods with a common verification toolbox, and
    besides that,
  • the activities need to be supplemented with a regular quality monitoring of the operational
    forecasts within the consortium.

This should be organized in close collaboration with HIRLAM and the 2011 ALADIN workshop/HIRLAM ASM proposed to renew the impulse by the creation of a verification task force.

 Main propositions

The working days’ participants agreed on the following proposals (to be presented and debated during the 2012 ALADIN Workshop :

  • Make the quality monitoring tool in Ljubljana sufficiently operational that it will produce
    monthly quality reports on a regular basis for the operational models in the ALADIN countries.
    And also it must be easy to access the verification results from outside and sending requests of
    the users period/parameter/score of interest.
  • Develop a common verification toolbox based on the R package, together with HIRLAM.
  • Draw up a list of “exemplary†ALADIN end users, from a questionnaire to the partners along
    with an identified decision-making procedure and verification scores (that will become part of
    the verification toolbox).

The staff should be identified.