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Article published on 25 April 2008
last modification on 25 November 2008

by Patricia

The first ALADIN training course was organized in September 1997 in Toulouse by CNRM/GMAP.

  • Most of the trainees were newcomers in the ALADIN project and could benefit from a complete training covering many aspects of the ALADIN project such different as : historical account of the project, management of the project, operational aspects at Météo-France, operational ALADIN-LACE, problems of maintenance and validation, physics, dynamics, structure of the code, coding rules, clearcase and libraries, namelists, climatological files, digital filter initialization, data assimilation, e923 configuration, FULL-POS post processing, SYNERGIE, ...
  • Around 50 hours of lectures were given by 12 persons from CNRM/GMAP, PREVI/COMPAS and RC-LACE/TT. The participants could practice their new knowledge by working on small studies including bibliography work and final presentation of their results (about 100 hours including personal work and discussions with mentors).
  • During the debriefing, the quality of the realized work was underlined : level reached by the trainers in such a short time, quality of the studies, .... The general feeling at the end was rather positive, but some suggestions were made for a possible repetition of this kind of training. Although it is useful to maintain lectures and practise, it would be more efficient to give more emphasis to lectures at the beginning (no practical work during the first week). The other important remark concerned the organisation of small studies : working in twos instead of individually would habe been appreciated
  • A full set of documents had been prepared for this training course and has represented a very appreciable documentation source for years.

Since this first attempt, many training courses have been organized in various frameworks : training courses for AROME, ALARO, ALATNET, HIRLAM. All details (program, on-line presentations, summary ...) on gmapdoc website :

  • 2000 - ALATNET Seminar on High Resolution Modelling
  • 2001 - ALATNET Seminar on Data Assimilation
  • 2002 - ALADIN maintenance and phasing training course
  • 2002 - ALATNET Seminar on Numerical Methods
  • 2004 - Training course on ALADIN-NH
  • 2005 - 1st AROME training course
  • 2006 - ALADIN/HIRLAM Surface/Surfex training course
  • 2007 - ALARO-0 Training course
  • 2008 - 2nd AROME training course