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Second MoU : 2001
Article published on 12 September 2001
last modification on 21 November 2013

by Patricia

The second ALADIN Memorandum of Understanding was signed on May 31st 2001. It was valid for four years and a half, till the end of November 2005. The main changes were :

  • an enlarged definition of the ALADIN partnership, with three levels of "rights versus duties" : Full Member, Associated Member, User;
  • more precise guidelines for the commercial use of ALADIN products;
  • stricter rules for the registration of the manpower dedicated to ALADIN;
  • creation of a Technical Cooperation Standing Committee (TCSC) of for members (Météo-France, a LACE representative, a SELAM representative, a representative of the other partners), in charge of the routine project coordination for technical issues.
    2nd MoU : 2001