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nformal Assembly, anniversary and MoU signature, Paris, 31st of May, 2001
Article published on 27 September 2001
last modification on 16 December 2008

by Patricia
  • The 10-years ALADIN anniversary was celebrated in Paris on May 31st, 2001 and a booklet was printed.
  • The second ALADIN Memorandum of Understanding was signed on May 31st 2001 with mainly:
    • an enlarged definition of the ALADIN partnership, with three levels of "rights versus duties" : Full Member, Associated Member, User;
    • more precise guidelines for the commercial use of ALADIN products;
    • stricter rules for the registration of the manpower dedicated to ALADIN;
    • creation of a Technical Cooperation Standing Committee (TCSC) of for members (Météo-France, a LACE representative, a SELAM representative, a representative of the other partners), in charge of the routine project coordination. This TCSC was replaced by a 6 permanent members working group "Science and Strategy Committee" during the Assembly in Casablanca (2002) : the purpose of this old SSI was to supervise priorities and co-operation with other SRNWP groups, to follow AROME project and to report to the Assembly on progress of the scientific plan.
  • It was really a great day ...