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2018 DAsKIT Working Days, Romania, 19-21 September
Article published on 9 May 2018
last modification on 10 October 2018

by Patricia

This year the DAsKIT WD was special since LACE Data Assimilation Working Days (DAWD) was partly joined this year : the program started with a joint session DAWD+DAsKIT, where participants of both meetings gave progress/status presentations; then we had separate programs and a short common discussion.

 Agenda and list of participants


 Summary report of the 2018 DAsKIT WD

 Next steps

  • As announced at the closing session, a google sheet has been created to help the monitoring of the progress & issues on the WD exercises and give feedback on the WD organization.
  • DAsKit next goals:
    • finalize the exercises and installations
    • make sure your contribution to the RWP2019 is properly set
    • create a cycle in-doors using the tools provided during the WD
    • validate your cycle
    • a video conference will take place before the end of the year.
  • the ODB documentation developed by Dominique Puech (mainly in French) should be made available for Partners (see the article on gmapdoc website).

  Group photo