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3rd Working day of the SRNWP Expert Team on Surface Processes, 5 September 2011, ECMWF, Reading (U.K.)
Article published on 20 September 2011

by JFM

The third meeting of the Expert Team on surface processes took place one day before the ECMWF Annual Seminar and was kindly hosted at ECMWF thanks to Patricia de Rosnay and Gianpaolo Balsamo. Each consortium had at least one representative. This has allowed a rather comprehensive review of the activities among Europe. Discussions concerned the use of the COLOBOC/SRNWP Data pool that has been set-up and maintained by COSMO, on activities related to the improvement of the lake databases and climatologies, and on future common activities. Andras Horanyi (previous PM of the C-SRNWP programme) provided us some useful information about the future of the SRNWP Programme and also encouraged us to provide inputs for the next EWGLAM/SRNWP meetings (titles for the presentations and also a title for the review talk).

The presentations given during the meeting are available below :

They can also be found on the following ECMWF web page :

3-hamdi 18.2 MiB / PDF

4-mahfouf 4 MiB / PDF

5-rontu 8.6 MiB / PDF

6-best 2.3 MiB / PDF

7-balsamo 2.7 MiB / PDF

8-albergel 1.4 MiB / PDF

8-derosnay 1.6 MiB / PDF

8-munoz_sabater 1.5 MiB / PDF