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ALADIN annual workshops (joint with HIRLAM ASM from 2007)
Until 2001, two-day workshops were organized twice a year : one about scientific development and another more operational oriented. Only minutes and main conclusions of these workshops are available today. Then, it was decided to have only one meeting per year, this workshop being much bigger (more presentations, working group sessions, more participants ....). In 2006, the ALADIN workshop and the HIRLAM ASM took place in parallel and from 2007, the ALADIN annual workshop is joined with the HIRLAM All Staff Meeting, with more and more common sessions. Since 2001, the documentation of these workshops covers program, participants, on-line presentations, minutes of the discussion. On even years we meet in an ALADIN country and on odd years in an HIRLAM country : 2016 (Portugal), 2017 (Finland), 2018 (France), 2019 (Spain), video-conference (2020), Slovenia (2020 ... postponed to 2021), Estonia (2022) or by default Ireland.