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Regular 16th General Assembly, Toulouse, 15-16 November 2011
Article published on 20 November 2011
last modification on 2 March 2012

by Patricia
GA16 Participants

The 16th ALADIN General Assembly took place in Météo-France Toulouse, on November 15-16, 2011. This was the first General Assembly for Piet Termonia as the new ALADIN Programme Manager, after just one year under the MoU4 governance.

 - Draft Minutes of the 16th assembly

 - Participants of the 16th assembly

 Agenda with on-line presentations

1. Opening and welcome

2. Adoption of the draft agenda and approval of the minutes of the 15th GA (GA Chair)

3. Program Manager’s intersession report (PM)

4. Report from the PAC meeting (GA Chair)

5. Reports:

6. Scientific and technical issues (CSSI Chair)

  • operational report
  • maintenance report
  • c. SRNWP programmes (+ role of ALADIN in coordination)

7. Strategy (outcome of the strategy workshop)

Invited presentation by the host : Assimilation of radar data in AROME and in Europe : Review and prospects, presented by Florence Rabier

8. Work plan 2012 : manpower, priorities, task force for verification

9. Budget issues and manpower (+issues in the NMSs)

  • Allocation of resources for achieving the strategic goals (PM)
  • Adoption of the 2012 budget (PM and GA Chair)
  • Royalty-linked issues (PM)

10. Governance issues

  • cooperation with HIRLAM: presentation of HIRLAM-ALADIN governance (PM and HIRLAM PM)
  • election of GA chair and vice-chair
  • CSSI composition and ACNA position (PM)
  • new membership

11. Date and place of the next assembly

12. Closure

Reports : Highlights and plans 2.8 MiB / PDF

Reports : HIRLAM 110.7 KiB / PDF

Reports : RC-LACE Status 2011 1.4 MiB / PDF

Scientific and technical issues (CF) 257.4 KiB / PDF

Strategy 1.3 MiB / PDF

Manpower figures and reporting procedure 355.6 KiB / PDF

Report of the execution of the ongoing budget & royalty-linked issues 150.8 KiB / PDF

Revises guidelines for reporting procedure 121.9 KiB / PDF

Governance issues 1.4 MiB / PDF

Assimilation of radar data in AROME and in Europe 3.3 MiB / PDF

GA16 draft minutes 186.9 KiB / PDF

GA16 Participants 77.2 KiB / PDF

Practical arrangements 938.3 KiB / PDF