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Professor Geleyn
Article published on 21 March 2011
last modification on 9 January 2015

by Patricia

Professor Geleyn

On Thursday 17 March, our former Programme Manager, Jean-François Geleyn became visiting professor at the department of Physics and Astronomy of Ghent university, Belgium.

Jean-François is teaching in the postgraduate programme Weather and Climate Modeling. This programme started in 2007, initiated by Prof. H. Dejonghe (now the Dean of the Faculty of Sciences) after the PhD defense of Bart Catry in May 2006, and it was, at that time, meant to fill a certain lack of training in meteorology at Ghent university. The aim is to prepare scientists for today’s research in atmospheric modeling. The content of the programme is built around the courses of two ALADIN-HIRLAM experts: Jean-François Geleyn who is teaching the course on atmospheric modeling and Nils Gustafsson who is teaching data assimilation. Besides these courses there are also courses in general meteorology, dynamical meteorology, physical meteorology, numerical techniques, climatology, predictability, remote sensing, chemical transport models. Jean-François has played a crucial role in the success of it and, as a token of recognition for his teaching and his crucial contributions to the programme in general, he is now Professor at Ghent University.

Congratulations Jean-François!

together with the Dean Prof. H. Dejonghe
the signing of the contract
a gathering with the students
some happy faces