High Resolution Numerical Weather Prediction Project
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Aladin Forecasters Meeting, Ankara (Tk), 10-11 September 2014
Article published on 5 February 2015
last modification on 11 May 2015

by Patricia





 Participants list

Florian Weidle Austria
Christoph Zingerle Austria
Piet Termonia Belgium
Alex Deckmyn Belgium
Pieter De Meutter Belgium
Lovro Kalin Croatia
Tomas Mejstrik Czech Republic
Claude Fischer France
Bernard Roulet France
Zsolt Patkai Hungary
Diana Bostan Romania
Jana Kusmirekova Slovakia
Neva Pristov Slovenia
Andrej Velkavrh Slovenia
Mehrez Ghannouchi Tunisia
Melik Ahmet Tastan Turkey
Ayhan Erdogan Turkey
Fatih Kocaman Turkey
Ersin Kucukkaraca Turkey
Alper Guser Turkey