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ALADIN governance : history of the chair persons
Article published on 30 November 2018
last modification on 20 December 2019

by Patricia
Date GA Chairperson election [1] GA Vice-chairperson election [2] PAC Chairperson appointment [3] PAC Vice-chairperson appointment [4] PM appointment CSSI chairperson election MoU signature
AG24- Dec 2019 Daniel Gellens Jure Celdinik
AG23- Nov 2018 Martin Benko Anne Debar
AG22- Nov 2017 Daniel Gellens Radmila Brozkova
AG21- Dec 2016 Martin Benko Anne Debar
AG20- beg. 2016 Abdalah Mokssit Martin Benko Fatih Buyükkasabbasi Radmila Brozkova Claude Fischer MoU5
AG19- 2014 Michael Staudinger Fatih Buyükkasabbasi
AG18-Nov 2013 Abdalah Mokssit Martin Benko
AG17-Nov 2012 Michael Staudinger Fatih Buyükkasabbasi
AG16-Nov 2011 Klemen Bergant Abdalah Mokssit
AG15-Dec 2010 Aderito Serrao Michael Staudinger Piet Termonia Claude Fischer MoU4
AG14-Nov2009 Klemen Bergant Abdalah Mokssit
AG13-Nov2008 Cornel Soci Aderito Serrao
AG12-Nov 2007 Henri Malcorps Klemen Bergant Fritz Neuwirth Cornel Soci Piet Termonia
AG11-Nov 2006 Andras Horanyi
AG10-Oct 2005 Henri Malcorps Jozef Roskar Fritz Neuwirth Cornel Soci Jean-François Geleyn MoU3
May 2001 Chairperson elected at each GA, secretariat assumed by MF in between no object MoU2
Nov 1996 no object MoU1