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Article published on 15 January 2005
last modification on 15 September 2008

by Patricia

Research topics for Early Stage Researcher : first guess

During the preparation of the first stage submission, partners gave a first guess of the research topics they would be interested in for Early Stage Researcher.

  • Austria
    • high resolution modelling and predictability of extreme events over complex terrain
  • Belgium
    • physics-dynamics interface : stability and precision
    • improvement of an integrated micro-physics and deep convection scheme at high resolution
  • Croatia
    • modelling of air-sea interaction, with emphasis on Adriatic sea
  • Czech R.
    • problem of non-orthogonality of the vertical coordinate
    • turbulence : from 1D to 3D schemes
  • Finland
    • mesoscale physics
    • DA
    • validation, diagnostics
  • France
    • physics : boundary layer description (moist process / impact of urbanisation), convection &cloudiness, triggering of convection over lakes
    • NH dynamics
    • initialization of soil moisture using an extended Kalman filter and new observations
    • use of remote-sensing observations for data assimilation and verification
    • ensemble methods for data assimilation and predictability
  • Germany
    • numerics, numerical experiments
  • Hungary
    • ensemble methods for data assimilation and predictability
  • Ireland
    • establishment of balance in mesoscale assimilation.
  • The Netherlands
    • code organization
    • predictability in the short range 0-48h
  • Norway
    • high resolution modelling in complex terrain with emphasis on non-hydrostatic effects, processes related to condensation and the PBL
    • verification and objective analysis in high resolution models
  • Romania
    • surface and PBL processes at high resolution for extreme events
    • Ensemble sub-grid processes
    • radar data assimilation
  • Slovakia
    • study of deep convection (HR NWP NH model) with possible applications in nowcasting
    • LAMEPS and its possible application in hydrology
  • Sweden
    • data assimilation and use of remote sensing data.
    • arctic meteorology (snow, ice, etc.)
    • surface and soil parameterization
  • Switzerland
    • further development of GPS tomography and assimilation of humidity data in aLMo
    • detailed studies of precipitation processes in the Alps using aLMo/2
  • United Kingdom
    • high resolution data assimilation
    • high resolution modelling in regions of significant orography