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The SODA WORKSHOP (Surfex Offline Data Assimilation workshop) was held in Toulouse, on March 5-6, 2012 (see the agenda). Monday 5 March : (...)
The common software used for the global models IFS and Arpège and the LAM models Aladin, Alaro and Arome is used and developed jointly by ECMWF (...)
A SURFEX training course was organized in Toulouse from 14 to 16 October 2009. Main topics are listed below : Introduction Present use of SURFEX (...)
The first ALADIN training course was organized in September 1997 in Toulouse by CNRM/GMAP. Most of the trainees were newcomers in the ALADIN (...)
So far, two AROME training courses have been organized for ALADIN/HIRLAM partners : The 1st AROME training course took place in Poiana Brasov (...)
The ALARO-0 training course took place on 26-30 March 2007 in Radostovice, Czech Republic. All informations : program, the time-table, list of (...)
SURFEX training course, 14-16 October 2009, Toulouse, France ALADIN-NH training course, 15-19 March 2004, Toulouse, France Training Course and (...)
The so-called TCWGPDI (Training Course and Working Group on Physics-Dynamics Interfacing) was held in Prague on 22-26 November 2004 : Program of (...)
Theoretical training courses, exploring the leading-edge topics of NWP (high-resolution modelling, data assimilation, numerical methods) and open (...)
This workshop took place in Toulouse on Monday 24 and Tuesday 25 November 2008. Short presentations were followed by discussions around the (...)
Moist Processes in Future High Resolution NWP/Climate Models 15-17 June, 2009 Norrköping, Sweden details NetFAM HIRLAM-ALADIN mini-workshop on (...)

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